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Our Proposal

Dear Sirs,

PROFIX, Ltd is a research and production company dedicated to providing quality building materials throughout Russia and abroad. Since its founding in 2000, our company has developed an extensive network of dry-mix mortar franchisees under the PROFIX brand. All our franchisees manufacture the products we developed under a common license registered to our company. Our company developed production regulations, which are strictly followed by all franchisees. Any changes or additions our company makes to these regulations must be followed by our franchisees, as is stipulated in the license agreement. Besides the license agreement, our recommendations to our franchisees about using the equipment and materials in production are mandatory and can be fully trusted. All franchisees manufacture the product under the common PROFIX brand, which is owned by us.

Currently, there are about 50 dry-mix mortar franchisees manufacturing under the PROFIX brand. Soon, 10 additional franchises will begin producing in different regions of Russia and abroad. In addition to this, we have developed and started the manufacture of latex water-based paints and additional materials. Now there are 12 manufacturers of these products working under our license and the PROFIX brand.

We are actively seeking new opportunities to diversify by penetrating other types of building material markets through franchising. Our experience shows that to implement such programs, it is important to have existing manufacturing operations and experience in running them, which we already have.

We would like to offer you the following proposal:

You would set up a building materials equipment manufacturing facility in our territory on conditions stipulated in a contract (for example, rent, payment terms, leasing, etc.). We begin producing the product and at the same time market the product in different Russian cities under the PROFIX brand. In other words, YOUR equipment shall be delivered to each franchisee, which we will find. We have developed a network of 50 dry-mix mortar franchises and continue to organize latex paint franchises. Each of our franchisees buys equipment from the manufacturer or supplier recommended by us (i.e. we already have sales leads for your company because of our franchisee network).

We offer the same program to you, which would allow your company to sell your equipment for producing building materials to dozens of our franchisees in the Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States. At the moment, our program is the only one to do this in Russia. Manufacturers and distributors are very interested in this service we provide.

We are interested in the production trends of the following building materials, as well:

- plastic panels

- bounding foam and sealant

- polypropylene, plastic pipes and fittings

- metal-filled plastic

- flexible roof tiles

- laminate

- metal roof tiles

- Alucobond®

We are also interested in becoming a centralized supplier of raw materials and chemicals to the manufacturers. We are ready to consider any of your offers.



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