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Catalogue of "Profix" products

Tile Adhesives

"Profix Standard" Adhesive for tiles; "Strengthened" Tile Adhesive; "Optimum" Tile Adhesive; "All-purpose" Tile Adhesive for porous materials; "Facade" Tile Adhesive (for thermal building insulation); "Max" Tile Adhesive (for difficult surfaces); "Profix-Rock" tile adhesive for ceramic granite; "Profix-Aquarit" Tile Adhesive (for swimming pools); "Magnet" Tile Adhesive (for foamed concrete); "Blitz" Tile Adhesive (quick-setting)

Gypsum mortars

"Base" Gypsum Spackle (#1); "Profix-Finishing" Gypsum Spackle (#2); "Profix - Assembly" Gypsum mortar (#3); Assembly Gypsum Spackle Mix "Profix-Joint" (#4); Plaster for interior application "Profix-Gypsum" (#5)


"Profix Facade" cementitious spackle; "Profix Touch-up" Cementitious spackle


"Profix Base" Cementitious plaster; "Profix Decorative" Facade plaster

Floor mixtures

"Profix Plateau" Cementitious Self-leveling Floor Mixture; "Profix- Level" Floor Self-leveler; "Profix" Polymer Cement Waterproofing Mortar

State Standard Mortars (GOST 2813-98)

M-100 "All-purpose mortar"; M-100 "Plaster Mortar"; M-150 "Assembly Brickwork Mortar"; M-200 "Floor Bracing"; Tile Adhesive "Econom" M-100



"Profix #1" white acrylic ceiling paint; "Profix #4" Acrylic paint for ceilings and walls (white super white); "Profix #5" Acrylic paint for ceilings and walls (white super white); "Profix #10" Acrylic paint for interior application (white - super white); "Profix #15" Acrylic paint for fine interior applications (white - super white); "Profix #20L" Facade acrylic paint; "Profix #20s" Facade acrylic paint; "Profix # 20e" Facade acrylic paint of higher lasting; Profix #20a Facade acrylic paint for tinting; Profix #35s acrylic paint for fine applications; Profix #40 All-purpose white acrylic enamel; Profix #40st Acrylic super white structured paint; Profix #50 Acrylic azure primer for wood; Profix Acrylic paint for anticorrosive protection of ferrous metals; Profix Water-based paint for road marking of asphalt or asphalt concrete

Primers & Impregnating Compounds

Profix #02 Acrylic paint primer for interior applications; Profix #12f Facade acrylic paint primer; Profix # 15u Strengthening acrylic paint primer; Profix #41 Acrylic impregnating compound

Plasters & Spackles

Profix #3 acrylic spackle for dry interiors; Profix #8 Facade acrylic spackle; Profix #9 Grey decorative spackle; Profix #10 White decorative plaster; Profix #2000 Decorative colored plaster



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